We are a community based organization that promotes inclusion of all in socio economic development through building capacities in  support of better education, social responsibility, and climate change. We work on a voluntary basis to achieve community development at the grassroots. 

Our Projects

Our projects are tailored within three main areas which form our organizational pillars. These are

  1. Jumuisha Academy
  2. Community Development Unit 
  3. Environmental protection unit

We are volunteers with diverse educational backgrounds and capabilities. We seek to engage peers in socio economic development and transformation with the aim of attaining change in attitude and behavior. We highly consider ourselves as agents of social change.

Our energetic team of volunteers make it possible for us to reach out to our target audience using well-designed programs to solve socio economic issues. We acknowledge other stakeholders in our programs thus integrated development.

Over the past years we have trained student leaders in various institutions on dynamic leadership; Engaged youths in talks to motivate and build self-esteem; Created awareness on responsible use of the internet; Emphasized on the ongoing drug and substance abuse as well as responsible social behavior.

We seek to support the set global UN sustainable development goals at our capacity!

Jumuisha Initiative was started in 2015 December by a group of youths and was registered under social services thereafter. The idea was guided by the fact that most youths were actively involved in drugs and substance abuse, low transition rates, misuse of the internet and irresponsible youths. Some students were burning school facilities, student leaders were inactive and idleness in the streets. Jumuisha Initiative was formed to address the mentioned issues. As the days go by, more socioeconomic issues are raised and the organization steps in to address these at their capacity. The organization’s ability to mobilize resources to actualize its objectives is a rare capability and a social advantage.

Jumuisha Initiative over the years has operated on voluntary basis. Its sustainability is anchored on the fact that volunteerism is embraced by all.


Raising responsible, innovative and active citizens through interactive and participatory value-based training and mentorship.


To inspire and empower youthful population and communities through capacity building and equipping them with skills, knowledge and attitude in order to promote sustainable positive youth development in the communities.

Our Core Values 

  • Passion 
  • Integrity 
  • Compassion
  • Generosity 
  • Commitment 
  • Good Ethics

Why Our Work

The core reason we started the organization was to provide support to youth and students in academic and social change. Each of us had people we looked up to while growing up. We believe that, no matter the dimension of growth, everyone needs a mentor. 

Over time, there was need to extend help in more thematic areas around education, decent livelihood and climate action and we stepped up to provide support to the communities. As we count our blessings, we count the 21,000 beneficiaries of our programs and initiatives.